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Category: Coffee

The Health Benefits Of coffee

Most of us love nothing more than a nice cup of coffee to kick starts our day.

But what about the effects of coffee on our health?

Coffee has been in the news again recently after a study involving students at the university of Durham found that caffeine could be responsible for increased incidents of hallucinations and could in fact be responsible for people claiming to see ghosts. The study concluded that people with high caffeine intakes are three times more likely to see or hear things that are not there. The study found 3 or more cups of brewed coffee or seven cups of instant coffee increased the risk of hallucinating.

before we all down the coffee mugs through fear of making contact with the dead me should take into account some of the health benefits that coffee has to offer.

So what are the positive effects that coffee can have on our health?

Some studies have shown that moderate coffee consumption can actually be beneficial to our health. The benefits reported include, lower risk of diabetes, lower risk of developing Parkinson’s disease and lower risk of colon cancer. According to one study six cups of coffee per day could lower men’s risk of diabetes by 54% and Woman’s by 30%. However it was not clear as to whether they meant instant coffee or brewed coffee.

It has also been reported that drinking coffee can help reduce the risk of developing Parkinson’s by about 80%. This is down to the caffeine content in coffee rather than the coffee itself.  This protection may be down to the fact that caffeine can block adenosine receptors in the brain, which then helps to increase dopamine levels in the brain.

Enjoying as little as two cups of coffee today could lower the risk of colon cancer by as much as 25%.  This could be because caffeine stimulates the colon and increases bowel movements, meaning that any toxins are passed through more quickly. Regular coffee drinkers are also 80% less likely to develop cirrhosis of the liver and half as likely to develop gallstones.

Studies have also shown that coffee can also offer some protection to people who smoke and drink. It has been shown that coffee consumption in heavy drinkers can lower the risk of liver and heart disease compared to those who smoke and drink but do not consume coffee.
Asthma sufferers may benefit from regular coffee consumption as caffeine can help to control asthma attacks.
Other benefits of coffee drinking include, boost in mood, prevention of cavities, headache cure, increased concentration and alertness. Athletes have reported increased athletic ability while gym users have reported increased stamina and endurance, especially during strenuous exercise such as body building/weight lifting.

Although all these benefits seem very positive to our health and give a great argument for our favourite pick me up, it is important to remember that moderation is the key. Some people are more sensitive to the effects of caffeine than others and …

Sumatra Coffee

Sumatra coffee from Indonesia has one of the most distinct characters of all origin coffees. Most coffee experts believe that its deep, pungent, earthy character results less from the botanical variety of the beans or the area where it is grown than from the unusual method of processing. Most coffees are either dry processed or wet processed, but Sumatra coffee is almost always processed by a method in between the two extremes.

In wet processing, the pulp is removed from the coffee cherry before the beans are dried. In dry processing, the seeds are dried inside the fruit before the skin, pulp, parchment, and a white film called silverskin are removed. Sumatra coffee, which is almost entirely grown by small farms, takes a middle way. The pulp is removed at the farm, but the parchment and silverskin are left on. The coffee is then dried in stages before the remaining layers are removed.

Varieties of Sumatra coffee

The four most common varieties of Sumatra coffee are Mandheling, Iskandar, Lintong, and Mayo. Mandheling has low acidity and a bold, earthy flavor. Iskandar has a slightly lighter body and less earthy, more refined flavor, with some sweetness. Lintong has a deep, complex flavor with a lot of smokiness, and Mayo has a heavy, almost syrupy body and intense earthiness.

There is also a variety known as Kopi Luak, which is made from the coffee beans excreted by a variety of civet called the luak after it has eaten the fruit. Kopi Luak producers either “harvest” the beans from the feces of wild luaks, or keep luaks in cages where they are fed on coffee cherries. Since this is obviously a labor-intensive procedure, Kopi Luak is the by far the highest-priced coffee in the world, going for about $300 a pound, roasted. They say the smell of roasting Kopi Luak is not to be believed, which is probably another reason why most roasters don’t offer it.…

Cinnamon Coffee Cakes

Cinnamon coffee cakes blend just the right level of spiciness and sweetness to create a truly delectable dessert. Cinnamon, like nutmeg and cloves, is quite evocative. When we smell or taste cinnamon, we think of warmth, holidays, and slow, easy evenings.

When cinnamon coffee cakes and other fine desserts can be easily ordered and promptly delivered, it solves all kinds of problems. We need never scramble around for a last-minute holiday or birthday gift; coffee cakes make elegant and welcome presents for any occasion. Also, we can keep our homes stocked with cakes that will keep friends and family smiling and satisfied, as we enjoy heart-to-heart chats over cake and tea.

Cinnamon Coffee Cakes Blend Spice and Style

The coffee cakes to be found online are of superior quality. We needn't bemoan our lack of time to do the baking; we can simply rejoice in having the excuse to order such delectable products. The right online resource will also offer tea-time accessories, like tea pots and mugs.

Cinnamon coffee cakes add just that extra touch of spice and excitement to an old tradition. Coffee cakes are delightful to serve on any occasion, and specialty coffee cakes, like cinnamon coffee cakes, walnut coffee cakes, and blueberry coffee cakes are even more so. People love to sit and ponder over a mug of coffee and a slice of delicious cake, and, with a good online cake resource, we now have every chance to do so.…

Traditional Coffee Cakes

Everyone remembers the traditional coffee cakes that our mothers and grandmothers made. We associate lazy Sundays with the smell of baking, as the scent of spices would fill the house. Now, we can have those memories back in our own homes.

More and more people are finding that they want to make more time in their lives to enjoy the peaceful pursuits that we engaged in as children. For this reason, people are looking for a way to find high-quality baked goods at reasonable prices. Traditional coffee cakes are great to keep around the house for Sunday mornings and unexpected company, and they also make great gifts.

Exciting Flavors for Traditional Coffee Cakes

Traditional coffee cakes can come in a variety of flavors. It's a delightful surprise to bite into the tart, sweet flavors of raspberry coffee cake for the first time, or to experience the creamy moistness of banana coffee cakes and flourless chocolate tortes. We all deserve a little time off, and the baked goods just like Grandma used to make with which to really enjoy it.

Office settings are a fun way to share baked goods. Morning meetings and casual Fridays all beg to be enlivened with delicious treats. One benefit to ordering online is that high-quality treats can be sent right to home or office, and can be ordered in an instant.…

Shade Grown Coffee

By buying shade grown coffee, you can help keep this coffee cost-effective and feasible for farmers. You will also help to preserve increasingly scarce wildlife habitats, such as those where tropical migratory birds live. If you are not aware of the politics and social problems associated with coffee, please read on.

Traditional coffee needs to grow under a canopy of different shade trees. The trees protect the coffee plants from sun and rain, help maintain soil quality, and help with pest control. They also contribute nutrients to the soil and reduce erosion.

Modernization: Eliminating Shade Grown Coffee

Coffee growers, weighed down by debt, have tried to "modernize" their growing practices over the last 25 years by getting away from shade grown coffee. New species of sun grown coffees produce a higher yield, but they need chemical fertilizers, insecticides and pesticides. Hence, they are not organic and contribute to the pollution problem. Sun coffee also cause increased erosion and noxious runoff.

In the mid-altitudes in Central America, Mexico, Colombia, and the Caribbean, most of the rainforests still standing are on coffee plantations. They are the last refuge for birds and other wildlife that have lost their homes to deforestation. When you buy shade grown coffee, you help ensure the preservation of the traditional way of life for coffee farmers, wildlife, and the forests and ensure that the land is kept healthy by organic farming.…