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Children health lunch

Take care on child, not only in school education and in lunch food. Main thing is health but education watching is also important.

Whether you are sending it with kids or relying on what they will receive at school, lunch is an important meal.

Choose foods that will add to healthy, balanced diet. Check with your doctor, school counselor, health care provider or government for recommended nutrition guidelines.  The recommend food is an emphasis on whole grains and fresh fruits and vegetables.

Use higher fat, salt, sugar and calorie choices in moderation. This may mean using fewer prepared or packaged foods. If you do choose a prepared lunch alternative, supplement this with a piece of fruit or some carrot sticks.

Remember avoid these hot food, cool drinks and ice-cream. Know you are child tastes- if they will eat any thing, give them lots of variety. Add some crunch to their lunch-and it dose not have to be potato chips. Try roasted nuts trail mix or a small bag of popcorn. If they have chips, try the backed variety.

Save money by packing your single servings. Purchasing prepared single- serving of snack food, puddings and pastas can save time. but the cost can add up. Invest in sealable plastic bags and small plastic containers in a variety on sizes and pack your own lunch- sized portions.

Kids like finger foods and they are easy to transport. Cut cheese in sticks rather than slices; slice apples in wedges. Try sending their favorite cut up vegetables with a small, sealed container of low fat dip.