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The Real Health Quiz

It is a common belief that the thinner you are the healthier you are It has been proved however that body size has nothing to do with how healthy you are. Healthy just depends on how well you take care of your body. However there are some people with weight issues that they need to watch and they need to watch their diet and exercise so as to keep their body healthy.

It’s a myth that if you exercise you will be healthy. If you exercise the right way you will be healthy. Exercising involves getting the whole body to respond to everything that you do. Exercising can be in different styles, to tone your body or to keep your body fit. Most physicians will always tell you to exercise so that your body can be strong enough to combat diseases and enjoy better health. How do we know how much exercise is recommended and what types of exercise are recommended? It’s time to visit your general doctor and find out.

Everywhere we look there is always a warning about our health and most of the time it depends on the kind of lifestyle that we live. The lifestyle that we choose will be a direct contributor to the diseases that we get. For instance, just from smoking you can get about two types of cancer, throat cancer, lung cancer and the same activity can accelerate the rate of some cancers such as breast cancer.

Being healthy or wanting to be healthy does not mean that you give up everything you love, you can stick to a low fat diet. This generally means that you watch what you eat. If you don’t want to eat the low fat foodstuffs of the shelf, just reduce the amount of servings of food you have every day. All along make sure you exercise at least three times a week. It is always fun to do things by twos and not by ones, so recruit a friend to join you at the gym, flaunt it and you will be amazed at how your body feels and you will be shocked to find out that exercise also relaxes your mind.

No matter how young and vibrant you are, you have to know if you are really healthy and get an annual checkup. Just because you feel nothing is wrong with you doesn’t mean you are A okay. You have to know if your cholesterol level is okay and if your bodyweight is average. Have the power to control your body, by maintaining the ideal weight and taking good care of it by taking time off to relax. Learn to have healthy eating habits, watch what you eat. No food will cause weight loss without some effort so it is healthy to have a meal that will keep you satisfied. Do not just eat anywhere, learn to restrict where you eat, make time for meals. Drink lots of water, this not only helps in digestion, but also minimizes how much you eat.