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Understanding the Penis Enlargement Process

The penile organ is a very important source of self-confidence in a man. The size of a man’s penile organ has a major effect on his confidence, and there have been many research studies in the past that have focused on the relationship between a man’s confidence and the size of his penile organ. In fact, one of the most common complaints that many sex counsellors receive from their clients is that the man is unable to satisfy their partners because of a small penile organ. However, when talking about the size of the penis, most people only focus on the length, paying no regard to the girth of the penis.

According to a private study that was conducted by several dermatological clinics, it was found that the girth of the penis plays a very important role in satisfying a woman. There are many nerve endings around the sides of the vagina, and a sizeable penis is able to stimulate them properly. A longer penis, by itself, is not enough to satisfy a woman; it needs to have adequate girth as well. Many dermatological clinics that offer penis enlargement operations generally focus more on increasing the girth of the penis.

How the Process Works

There has been a lot of debate in the past about penis enlargement. If you run a search online, you will find hundreds of results about how to increase the size of your penis. Some will tell you about miraculous pills that work overnight, whereas others will provide you with intricate natural remedies that you should try. The reality is that none of these things actually work; the only way to increase the girth of a penis is to inject derma fillers from a certified dermatologist.

When you visit a dermatologist for penile enlargement injections, they will lie you down on a table and prepare the injections. Despite what you may have heard, the process itself is quite simple. The injections will be administered to the base of the shaft, and the whole process takes around half an hour or so. Once the injections have been administered, the doctors will keep you under observation for a couple of hours to ensure that the derma fillers start setting in. Within a couple of hours or so, the doctors will give you permission to leave, and you can easily walk back home.

Important Things You Should Know

Once the injections have been administered, you are going to experience mild discomfort in your pubic region. It will take a couple of weeks for the discomfort to go away, and you will also be prohibited from any sexual activity during this time. Follow the doctor’s instructions carefully to ensure that the derma fillers set in properly. You will begin to notice a marked increase in the girth of your penis once the derma fillers set in. It is important to note that the derma fillers usually stay in the body for a year or so, after which you will need to have the injections administered again.