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Tazo Tea

Only 10 years after the time the company was founded, Tazo Tea appears to be on its way to taking over the tea world. It’s the featured tea at all Starbuck’s locations (the company is owned by Starbuck’s) and appears on the courtesy trays at the better hotels. With its distinctive packaging and names such as Envy, Om, and Lotus, Tazo has made tea the drink of hipsters rather than spinsters.

Tazo Tea is sold in five formats: bagged, whole leaf, latte (a.k.a. chai), bottled, and pitcher-sized bags for iced tea. Teabags are available in six varieties each of black and green teas, and nine kinds of herbal teas. Their whole leaf tea comes in bags or in tins with a stainless steel infuser in the top section. Five flavors are available at Starbuck’s and at some upscale and organic markets.

Tazo Tea is imported directly from the growers and blended according to recipes created by the founder, Steven Smith. This ensures that no inferior teas have been incorporated into the blend and that conditions at a blending facility have not adversely affected the tea. The result is a superior, if pricey, tea. One variety goes for almost $50 a pound, but true tea connoisseurs won’t blanch at that.

Tazo Tea Is Available Online

You can always find Tazo Teas at your local Starbuck’s, but for the most complete selection, shop online. Many websites carry not only single varieties, but also assortments and gift baskets. A basket full of high quality Tazo Teas would be a welcome gift for any occasion.